Red Eye

What Causes Red Eye and Eye Irritation?

At Lamm David Eye Care, we see a lot of Concho Valley and San Angelo, TX, residents come in with red eyes and discomfort. Many times, they’ve tried and failed to treat this condition with over the counter medications. Red eye can be caused by many different things, but at Lamm David Eye Care we can help.

red eye

The Most Common Causes of Red Eyes

Irritation from Foreign Substances

Your eyes may become red and irritated after coming into contact with metal dust, chlorinated water, etc. These foreign substances can damage the delicate tissues of the eye, creating redness and pain.

Contact Lens Sensitivity or Overwear

Sometimes, the foreign substance irritating your eyes may be your contact lenses. This can be caused by wearing lenses longer than recommended, improperly cleaning them, using non-disposable lenses, or sensitivity to the cleaning solution.

Eye Allergies

Itchy, watery, reddened eyes are often a sign that you have allergies. Some common triggers for eye allergies include pollen, dust, mold, fungus, and pet dander. Even if you never used to have allergies, you can develop them later in life. Your eye doctor can help you narrow down what’s causing these issues and prescribe medications to make you more comfortable.

Dry Eye Syndrome

This syndrome can be caused by changes in your tear chemistry, blocked glands around the eyes, or insufficient tear production. You may have burning or gritty feeling eyes and they may be watery at times. For more information, visit our Dry Eye section on our website.


Conjunctivitis (pink eye) is the most well-known example of an eye infection. There are many causes of eye infections including, bacteria, viral, or even fungal. Some eye infection can be sight-threatening. Proper and prompt care is critical. 

What Can You Do About Red Eyes?

Treating red eyes can be difficult until you know what’s causing the condition. The first step is to make an appointment with your optometrist. He can advise you on what’s going on and what your next steps are. This might include simple lifestyle changes, eye drops, prescription medications, or some combination of treatments.

Red Eye Relief in San Angelo and Concho Valley, TX

Are you ready to get long-term relief from your red eyes and eye discomfort? The first step is visiting your eye doctor. At Lamm David Eye Care, we offer comprehensive vision services. Give us a call at (325) 653-0118 or request an appointment through our online form.

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