Dry Eye Treatment

Dry eyes or dry eye syndrome (DES) is a chronic condition that includes symptoms of dryness, scratchiness, burning and blurred vision. Unfortunately dry eye is very common in west Texas, where we are exposed to sun, wind and environmental allergies.

The symptoms and treatments of dry eye syndrome vary widely based on the root cause of the problem. A healthy tear layer provides several vital functions to our eyes, including lubrication, optimized vision, protection, and nourishment of the eye.

Artificial tears or lubricating eyedrops, may alleviate the dry, scratching feeling and foreign body sensation of dry eye, but are not always enough for long-term treatment. Additionally, many over the counter eye drops have harsh preservatives or chemicals that can be toxic to the cornea. Other possible causes of dry eyes include environmental conditions (allergies & dry air), the natural process of aging, hormone changes, as well as side effects of numerous prescription and over-the-counter medicines.

Our Dry Eye Clinic
Because of the complexity of DES, we have developed a Dry Eye Clinic where we can evaluate the type of dry eye, the severity, and to determine which treatment may work best for you. Treatment for Dry Eye Syndrome includes a combination of options that will be customized for you. Treatment may include:
MiBo Thermoflo- a relatively new and innovative treatment that uses thermoelectric radiation to help treat dry eyes. Essentially what this does is keeps a consistent temperature of 108 degrees on your eyelids to liquefy stagnant meibomian gland oils and enhance tear production in total. MiBo is comfortable, effective, and convenient.
Punctal plugs- these tiny devices are inserted in ducts in your lids to slow the drainage of tears away from your eyes, thereby keeping your eyes more moist. They cause no discomfort, take about 10 minutes to insert and alleviate dry eye immediately.
Prescription eye drops-work to increase your tear production and reduce inflammation to cure the symptoms and blurred vision associated with Dry Eye.
Amniotic membranes- a revolutionary new option for corneal healing that is very safe and effective in reversing damage caused by DES. An amniotic membrane is a human tissue allograft derived from tissues acquired from living, healthy donors. Human amniotic tissues are an abundant source of collagen, as well as other proteins and cytokines that have been shown clinically and scientifically to support soft tissue repair.

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Many of our patients don’t realize that Dry Eye Syndrome is a treatable condition, and they live needlessly with eye irritation. We encourage anyone who has symptoms of dry eye to be evaluated, tested and treated. Dr. David or Dr. Hejny will customize a treatment plan for your specific case and help you manage this chronic but treatable condition.

If you feel you may suffer from dry eye, please contact our office for an evaluation or request an appointment online!

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